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European Jews at the Crossroads

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In February 2016, the 2nd Matanel Think Tank met in Pomezia, Italy to discuss the future of European Jewry. The attendees, professional or laypersons, serve their communities in the areas of research, planning, or rabbinical and educational guidance. Representing more than ten European countries, and diverse cultural backgrounds and religious denominations, they express a variety of points of view regarding the issues on the agenda of the Jewish people. This Matanel Paper makes available to the vast public a summary of the debates and the conclusions.


Foreword - Joëlle Aflalo and Gad Boukobza
Introduction - Eliahu Birnbaum
Summary of the Deliberations - Benjamin Myers
Jews in Europe - Ami Bouganim
Think Tank Participants



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Europe   Austria   United Kingdom   Spain   Hungary   Israel   France   Italy   Poland   Russia   Portugal   Turkey   Switzerland

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European Jews at the Crossroads. Matanel Foundation, May Editions. 2017:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-eur157