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Jidisze Mame. Two Biographies of Polish Jewish Women


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The article presents the biographies of representatives of the third postwar generation of Polish Jews. It attempts at reconstructing the experiences of becoming a religious Jew, choosing a Jewish path in adolescence where there is no or incomplete transmission of intergenerational cultural heritage in the family of origin. The two women's biographies were analysed in terms of independent acquisition of cultural (religious) knowledge and the possibilities and limitations of Jewish education in our country. The research was carried out based on the biographical method and unstructured/ in-depth interviews (2018-2022). Exemplifications in the form of the two biographies serve to distinguish the stages of "becoming a religious Jew and mother" in the "found generation", to show individual biographical events and common biographical sequences (mostly educational and parental).



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Cukras-Stelągowska, Joanna Jidisze Mame. Two Biographies of Polish Jewish Women. Kultura i Edukacja. 2023: 132–152.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-3738