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Gender Imbalance – the status quo


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30-Dec 2011



The Jewish Leadership Council has established a Commission on Women in 
Leadership in the Jewish Community to try and address the gender imbalance 
in communal leadership and to consult with the wider Jewish community before 
recommending solutions to this problem. 
Whilst leadership is a broad term, the remit of the Commission is specifically 
focussed on senior voluntary (lay) and professional leadership roles in communal 
organisations within the Jewish community. Clearly, the issues is broader (and 
the investigation could be much wider) but with the aim of affecting change 
the terms are tightly defined. 
The Board of Deputies have played an active role in the research and the 
development of this document and the consultation has been a process of 
close collaboration. 
This report supports, and provides rationale for, the questions in the consultation 
document. In essence these relate to the main issues;
1) The nature of Gender Imbalance: How great is the gender imbalance, 
what causes it and is it improving?
2) Implications: What adverse consequences for the Jewish communal 
environment ensue from this gender imbalance?
3) Interventions: what strategies can successfully address [the] gender 



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Gender Imbalance – the status quo

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