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The Sovereign and the Situated Self: Jewish Identity and Community in the 21st Century

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Papers based on a conference convened by the United Jewish Israel Appeal in London in spring 2002. Contents include: Introduction: The sovereign and the situated self: Jewish identity and community in the 21st century – Jonathan Boyd; D’var Torah – Shalom Orzach; Exploring the challenges confronting the contemporary Jewish world – Irwin Cotler, Steven M. Cohen; A case of new identity: detecting the forces facing Jewish identity and community – Steven M. Cohen, Kate Loewenthal; A case of new identity: what should all Jews know? – Hanah Alexander, Aviezer Ravitsky; Looking in, looking out: the role of the Jew in the contemporary world – David Cesarani, Alan Hoffman; Looking in, looking out: on what should our educational efforts be focused? – Michael Rosenak, Irwin Cotler; Educating our children: exploring the role of the Jewish day school- Hanah Alexander, Barry Kosmin; Educating our children: imagining the Jewish day school of the future – Barry Chazan, Beverly Gribetz; Creating community: is the synagogue doing what is needed? – Margaret Harris, Michael Rosenak; Creating community: envisaging the synagogue of the 21st century – Charles Liebman, Robert Rabinowitz; Judaism and the contemporary world: foundation principles of Jewish identity and community for the 21st century - Aviezer Ravitsky, Jonathan Sacks; D’var Torah – Angela Gluck Wood; Exploring our general context: the impact of national and global trends on identity, community and education – Barry Kosmin, Steven M. Cohen; Exploring our Jewish context: trends in the Jewish world, and how to utilise them for our benefit – Jonathan Ariel, Tony Bayfield; Struggling for Israel: what happens when the classroom becomes dangerous? – Barry Chazan; Reaching out to others: the role of a social action agenda in Jewish education – Edie Friedman, Reuven Gal; Spiritual exploration: following my head or my heart? – Zvi Beckerman, Michael Shire; Civics: should British Jews swear allegiance to Britain? – Clive Lawton, Robert Rabinowitz; D’var Torah – Raphael Zarum; The role of vision in 21st century education – Jonathan Arield, Michael Rosenak; Case study 1: Texts and Values Project of the UJIA Makor Centre for Informal Jewish Education – Raphael Zarum; Case study 2: Limmud – Jacqueline Nicholls; Case study 3: Synagogue transformation – Julian Resnick; Case study 4: King Solomon High School – Alastair Falk; Case study 5: The Saatchi Synagogue – Pini Dunner 





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The Sovereign and the Situated Self: Jewish Identity and Community in the 21st Century. United Jewish Israel Appeal, Profile Books. 2003:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk67