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Modern British Jewry


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An authoritative and comprehensive history of the Jews of Britain over the last century and a half, this book examines the social structure and economic base of Jewish communities in Victorian England and traces the struggle for emancipation. Alderman analyzes the effects of the large-scale immigration for the early twentieth century, and charts the development of the Zionist movement in Britain. Alderman takes his account up to the present day, exploring the concerns and self-image of contemporary Jewish communities in Britain and their place in an increasingly pluralist society. Based on a wealth of primary and secondary sources and written by a leading Jewish historian, Modern British Jewry is a political, social, and intellectual history of British Jews which is critical, scholarly and immensely readable.



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Alderman, Geoffrey Modern British Jewry. Oxford University Press. 1992:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk60