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Jews in the European Community: Sociodemographic Trends and Challenges


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At the start of 1993, the European continent was emitting ambivalent and troubling political signals. Ramifications of major geopolitical changes were not fully understood or absorbed and sparked a massive wave of international migrations. These developments accounted for growing social turmoil and outbursts of xenophobia. As such, the status of Jewish communities within the framework of the European Community (EC) aroused anxiety. This article reviews the major sociodemographic processes that currently characterize the Jewish population with the EC. Basic historical background is provided, and brief attention is paid to a few issues of broader significance for the present and future of Western European Jewry.



Singer, David


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DellaPergola, Sergio Jews in the European Community: Sociodemographic Trends and Challenges. American Jewish Yearbook 1993. American Jewish Committee, Jewish Publication Society. 1993:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-eur69