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Jewish Women in Britain


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In giving an overview of Jewish women in Great Britain I intend to touch on three areas: Jewish organizations; participation in synagogue life; and the position of Jewish women's research in Britain. The main sources for the data I quote are the regular compilations of synagogue membership and estimates of population which the Board of Deputies Community Research Unit has conducted regularly the past thirty years; and two recent large scale-studies: The Review of Women in the Jewish Community in 1993 for the Chief Rabbi's Commission on Women; and The Survey of Social Attitudes of British Jews conducted by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research in 1995.




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Schmool, Marlena Jewish Women in Britain. Jewish Women 2000: Conference Papers from the HRIJW International Scholarly Exchanges 1997-1998. Hadassah Research Institute on Jewish Women. 1999: 101-107.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk436