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An Area Classification of the Jewish Population of England & Wales


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National area classifications are now carried out as a matter of course after censuses in England and Wales. This project explores the feasibility of carrying out a similar exercise, focusing on a subset of that data – specifically, in this case, those people who chose to identify as Jewish by religion. If successful, the results may be of assistance to communal leaders in planning for the future. 875 “Jewish Output Areas” (JOAs) were created, with roughly equal-sized Jewish populations. A set of 58 variables was selected, and a series of k-means cluster analyses were carried out. The adopted solution identified eight distinct clusters – Strictly Orthodox (Haredi); Haredi-Lite; Students; Older Communities; Young Cosmopolitan Professionals; Engaged Families; Disconnected; and On the Margins. The names reflect the dominant traits identified within the clusters. Improvements to the methodology have been suggested in order to produce JOAs which exhibit greater internal homogeneity



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Vulkan, Daniel Paul An Area Classification of the Jewish Population of England & Wales. London School of Economics. 2014:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk256