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Building a Diaspora: Russian Jews in Israel, Germany and the USA


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The crumbling of the USSR has set Russian-speaking Jews free to emigrate. From the threat of antisemitism to economic disaster, their “good reasons” to do so were numerous and within one and a half decade most of them moved out and scattered throughout the world. This book is about the million that settled in Israel, the half million now in the US and the 200.000 who settled in Germany.
This book presents the comparative work of an international team of researchers which delves into the building of communities, the formulation of collective identities and the articulation of public discourse by people who, after eighty years of Marxism-Leninism and compulsory removal from Jewish culture, are now reconstructing their ethnicity.

In every place, they face contrasting challenges and as a whole, constitute an ideal case for the study of the making of contemporary transnational diasporas.



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Ben-Rafael , Eliezer, Lyubansky, Mikhail, Glöckner, Olaf, Harris, Paul, Israel, Yael, Jasper, Willi, Schoeps, Julius H. Building a Diaspora: Russian Jews in Israel, Germany and the USA. Brill. 2006:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-ger44