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Quinze ans de solitude: Juifs de France, 2000-2015

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Fifteen years of solitude: French Jews, 2000-2015


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Consists of thematically organized texts by Trigano, previously published in various French on-line newsletters, broadcast on the French Jewish Radio J, and at various conferences. They analyze the phenomenon of the new antisemitism, including accusations in the French press against the Jews and Israel, boycotts against Israel, a typology of anti-Zionists, alter-Juifs (Jews who identify as Jews but define Jews through the hostile view of others), and the deconstruction of Judaism. Exposes the specificities of French antisemitism since 2000, especially in the context of postmodernist thought, which encourages the creation of parallel and diverging interpretations of the past, including World War II. Argues that Holocaust revisionism and denial have enabled Faurisson, inter alia, to attain huge media coverage. Emphasizes the role of the Internet in the politicization of history, and shows how the usurpation of Jewish history and heritage by the Left on behalf of the Palestinians has roots in Christian supersessionist theology. Notes that rejection of the Jews and Israel are also based on the claim that monotheism is the source of phallocracy. Characterizes the European Union as a new imperialist power, which destroys nation states and national identities, and rejects Jewish autonomy. Concludes that present-day antisemitism is a massive phenomenon, which threatens the foundations of modernity and European civilization. The very survival of the Jewish people is at stake.



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Trigano, Shmuel Quinze ans de solitude: Juifs de France, 2000-2015. Berg International. 2015:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-2924