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Synagogue Membership in the United Kingdom in 2010


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May 2010



This report marks the first occasion that the synagogue membership survey, carried out by the Board
of Deputies approximately every five years, is published jointly with the Institute for Jewish Policy
Research (JPR).
Synagogue membership data are of particular interest to community leaders and planners because
they provide the only consistent indicator of patterns of Jewish affiliation over time. No other survey
regularly reports on the denominational structure of the Jewish community in the UK. The data are
also unique in providing a consistent indicator of Jewish belonging – a measure of proactive
attachment and commitment to Jewish communal life.
Despite the continuing decline in synagogue affiliation over the last generation, the synagogue, as an
institution, nevertheless continues to be the principal arena of formal affiliation to the Jewish
The data presented here reveal a dynamic picture of communal change in the UK, charting changes in
the religious make-up of the community. We have sought to provide as functionally relevant a measure
of synagogue membership as possible within the limits of the data that we were able to obtain.



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Graham, David, Vulkan, Daniel Synagogue Membership in the United Kingdom in 2010. Institute for Jewish Policy Research, Board of Deputies of British Jews. May 2010:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk7