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Israel Tour: Evaluating Our Impact


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June 2013



What is the outcome of Israel
Experience on a young person’s
Jewish identity and relationship
to Israel?
• For the overwhelming majority of
respondents, Israel Tour is an extremely
positive experience.
• Over 80% of respondents state that their
youth movement experiences have had
a positive degree of importance in shaping
their Jewish lives.
• Israel Tour has had a stronger impact on
participants than previous family trips.
• As a direct result of going on Tour, the
majority of respondents stated that they
would be more likely to engage in activities
and life choices which further develop
their Jewish identity and their relationship
with Israel.
• Almost 60% of respondents have returned
to Israel at least once since Israel Tour.



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Miller, Helena Israel Tour: Evaluating Our Impact. United Jewish Israel Appeal. June 2013:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk304