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Exploring Synagogue Vitality


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This report seeks to identify and explore characteristics that define successful synagogues in Britain, with the aim of informing lay leaders,clergy, and other professionals engaged
in leading today’s congregations in Great Britain.
The specific questions are:
▪ What is “synagogue vitality?”
▪ Why is congregational vitality important?
▪ How does vitality happen?
▪ How can vitality be furthered?
To address these questions, we began with a survey
of 200+ synagogue leaders throughout Britain. Then,
we observed six congregations in action, selected so
as to provide diverse arenas for seeing vital features
of synagogue life. Finally, we surveyed congregants in
five of the six synagogues observed.



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Exploring Synagogue Vitality

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Cohen, Steven M., Terret, Michelle Exploring Synagogue Vitality. Jewish Leadership Council. 2015:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk302