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Antisemitic Incidents Report January–June 2015


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CST recorded 473 antisemitic incidents
across the UK in the first six months of 2015,
a 53 per cent increase on the first six
months of 2014.
• The increase was most pronounced during
the first three months of 2015 and is likely
to reflect an increase in the reporting
of antisemitic incidents, due to raised
communal concern about antisemitism
following terrorist attacks in Paris and
Copenhagen, rather than a significant
increase in incidents taking place.
• CST recorded 88 antisemitic incidents
that took place on social media,
comprising 19 per cent of the total of 473
antisemitic incidents recorded from January
to June 2015.
• CST recorded 44 violent antisemitic
assaults in the first half of 2015, double the
22 incidents of this type recorded during
the comparable period in 2014. These
incidents, two of which were categorised as
‘Extreme Violence’, made up 9 per cent of
the overall total of 473 antisemitic incidents.
• In addition to the 473 antisemitic incidents
recorded by CST, a further 333 potential
incidents were reported to CST
which, after investigation, did not show
evidence of antisemitic targeting, content
or motivation and are not included in the
statistics in this report.



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Antisemitic Incidents Report January–June 2015

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