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South African Jews in London


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August 2010



The survey is a mapping study in that it intends to describe the key features of the London-based Jewish South African ‘community’ overall and highlight relationships that have not yet been recognised. The overall aim of this research project was to examine the impact of migration to the UK on South African Jews on a range of issues, including religiosity and levels of integration, and its objectives included: Identification of changes to behaviour and attitude over time; Examination of the impact of different settings and of different periods of migration; Descriptions of the integration of the migrants into their new communities; Exploration of the attitudes of migrants to their experiences; Comparisons with other groups of South African Jewish migrants.   



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Caplan, Andrew S. South African Jews in London. Jewish Publications - South Africa, Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research in Association with Royal Holloway, University of London. August 2010:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk109