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Russian Antisemitism, 1996-2000


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Analyses two of the most recent polls concerning Russian Jews. The first survey was sponsored by the American Jewish Committee and was conducted between 12 January and 7 February, 1996, by ROMIR, one of Russia’s leading polling firms. The second survey was conducted by VCIOM, the oldest and perhaps most respected polling firm in the country, between 20 and 25 November, 1998, in the wake of Makashov’s speeches and the Duma’s failure to condemn them. Each poll surveyed a representative nationwide sample of about 1,600 Russian citizens. The two surveys allow us to reevaluate the optimistic and pessimistic interpretations of Russian antisemitism in the light of current developments. In particular, they provide us with an opportunity to examine what I want to call the “Makashov effect” – the polarization of opinion that occurs when political leaders legitimize antisemitism in a time of crisis. Understanding the Makashov effect will help us to assess the prospects for Russian antisemitism in the next couple of years




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PDF (via Researchgate), Russian Antisemitism, 1996-2000
PDF (via academia.edu), Russian Antisemitism, 1996-2000

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Brym, Robert J. Russian Antisemitism, 1996-2000. Jewish Life after the USSR . Indiana University Press. 2002: 99-113.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-rus2