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Cosmopolitan but Slightly Worried: Survey of Young Italian Jews


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This applied research contributes to the field of emerging adulthood studies. 144 young adults aged 18-35 coming from communities all over Italy were surveyed through an online questionnaire. Participants presented different levels of religious observance. 45% of young Italian Jews cited culture as the most important definition of Judaism, over family bonds (28%), religion (21%) and emotional ties (6%). Interestingly, 46% of participants declared being at least as religious as their parents and 32% even more religious. Young Italian Jews are divided over the issue of life partners and mixed marriages. Young Italian Jews are proud of Israel. The great majority of respondents (92%) did not view moving to Israel as a necessary condition for the future of Judaism. It was above all in the small communities where youngsters reported immigrants being hostile towards Jews (43%).



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Meghnagi, Saul, Sonnino, Melissa, Techiouba, Ariel Cosmopolitan but Slightly Worried: Survey of Young Italian Jews. JDC International Centre for Community Development, Hans Jonas Association for Jewish Culture. 2012:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-iti9