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The Post-Soviet Jewish Emigration


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A new stage in the demography of (post-) Soviet Jewry began in 1989 when mass emigration of the
Jews from the former Soviet Union (FSU) dramatically exacerbated the already unfavorable population
dynamics. During this period, emigration became the main reason for the rapid demographic decline of FSU
Jewry. Most of this movement was directed toward Israel, a very unusual north-to-south geographical
direction, whereas the rest was divided mostly between the US and Germany. Based on the statistics of FSU
countries, as well as statistics of countries of destination, we can develop a rather detailed pic ture of the
Jewish recent mass emigration and population decline.



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Paper presented at European Population Conference 2001, Helsinki, Finland 7-9 June 2001


PDF (via academia.edu), The Post-Soviet Jewish Emigration

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Tolts, Mark The Post-Soviet Jewish Emigration. 2001:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-fsu89