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2014 Report on antisemitism in France



Jewish Community Security Service

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SPCJ publishes statistics and analyses on Antisemitism in France in 2014

Antisemitic acts perpetrated on French soil are recorded by SPCJ
in close collaboration with the Interior Ministry.

‣ During the year 2014, Anti-Semitic acts were a dominant phenomenon, occurring almost
without interruption.

‣ In 2014, the number of Antisemitic acts recorded on French soil doubled. They
increased to 851 versus 423 in 2013. This represents a jump of 101 percent.

‣ In 2014, violent acts increased by 130 percent compared to 2013. There were 241 violent acts
in 2014 versus 105 in 2013.

‣ Antisemitism has become increasingly violent and hyper-violent. Today, Antisemitic threats in
France include persistent bias, sectarian stereotypes, deep hatred, but especially Antisemitic
jihadist terror. Men and young children are killed for the sole reason that they are Jewish.

‣ 51 percent of racist acts committed in France in 2014 targeted Jews. Jews represent
less than one percent of the French population.
Less than 1 percent of this country's citizens are the target of half of all racist acts
committed in France.

‣ The 30-percent increase in racist acts committed in France in 2014 compared to 2013
comprises exclusively an increase in Antisemitic acts. Indeed, racist acts, excluding
Antisemitic acts, that were recorded in 2014 decreased by 5 percent compared to 2013.
This shows once again how much we need tailored programs, adequate measures, and
specific tools to fight Antisemitism efficiently. Many anti-Racism programs do not stop the rise
Antisemitic acts, far from it.

‣ Cities most impacted by Antisemitic acts in 2014 include Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse,
Sarcelles, Strasbourg, Nice, Villeurbanne and Créteil.




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