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Les Juifs africains et antillais en région parisienne

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African and Antillais Jews in the Paris region


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The contemporary evolution of Judaism is marked by a dynamic diaspora whose transnational nature may be perceived in the variety of origins of Jewish believers. The diversity of Jewish communities includes an African, Caribbean, and even African American component, whose actual or alleged Jewish identity has led scholars to investigate into the intersection of race and religion in contemporary Judaism. The present study aims to contribute in the observation of this phenomenon, by focusing on the intersection of religion and ethnicity within Black Judaism in particular black Jews in France? After four years among blacks Jews in Paris area. How does one live as a Black Jew? How do these believers define themselves as Jews and Blacks? How is the notion of Jewishness implemented among them? How do they express their relation to the global Jewish world, and to both their religious communities and the wider French society?




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Mokoko Gampiot, Aurélien Les Juifs africains et antillais en région parisienne. Religions et frontières. CNRS Editions. 2012:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-fra173