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Tracing Jewish family history in a post-Holocaust world


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The growth in online platforms and documentary aggregator sites has revolutionised the process of Jewish family history research. This article records how the loss of EU citizenship rights following Britain’s departure from the European Union encouraged the author to investigate their own family history. Drawing upon the author’s findings, it describes how communal record books left on the shelves of town halls across Romania for over a century have been given new life thanks to the efforts of community archivists. This article chronicles their efforts to identify, preserve and digitise these documents which help to shed light on the history of the Jewish community of Dorna Watra, now Vatra Dornei, a small town in the former Austrian crownland of Bukovina. This article provides a detailed evaluation of the opportunities facing Jewish family researchers and the strengths and weaknesses of online aggregator sites such as Ancestry.Com and JewishGen.



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Blitz, Brad K. Tracing Jewish family history in a post-Holocaust world. Journal of Contemporary European Studies. 2023:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/10.1080/14782804.2023.2221208