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Aktueller Antisemitismus – ein Phänomen der Mitte

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Anti-Semitism Today – A Mainstream Phenomenon

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Anti-Jewish sentiments and prejudices are no longer fringe-group phenomena. Judeophobic ideas have in recent years been widely accepted into the mainstream of society, with Israel frequently serving as a substitute for views with clearly anti-Jewish content. Verbal anti-Jewish utterances are increasingly common in public and media discourse and are met by public opinion with indifference or even acceptance. While the coarse Judeophobic expressions of extremist groupings are frowned upon, anti-Jewish views relating to Israel are common in civil society not causing much concern and meeting with little protest.

This new form of anti-Semitism is the theme of this interdisciplinary volume of essays in which experts critically analyze Judeophobic resentments and prejudices - frequently directed at the Jewish state - that have widely reasserted themselves among the broader sectors of Western society.




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Aktueller Antisemitismus – ein Phänomen der Mitte. De Gruyter. 2010:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/10.1515/9783110232134