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Израильтяне в россии: социальная демография и идентичность

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Israelis in Russia: Identity and social demography


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The number of academic studies that focus on emigration from Israel as social and cultural phenomenon is very substantial. However, very few of them deal with the «Russian» component of «Israeli Diaspora», especially those USSR/CIS-born Israeli citizens who made a «return migration» to the big urban centers of the former Soviet Union. This article, which is based on a unique field study of Israeli immigrants in Moscow and St. Petersburg, aims to fill this gap. The study showed a considerable social and demographic diversity of the population of Israeli passport holders in Russia. However, the real structure of this group clearly intersects with basic motives of their immigration to Russia, which enabled us to identify six sub-categories within this entity. It is also clear that for majority of these categories of immigrants, Israeli and Jewish elements in their identity are predominant over Russian ones. All that is true regardless the time spent by these people in Israel before their emigration to Russia and their future plans.



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Ханин, ВладиМир (Зеэв), Эпштейн, Алек Д Израильтяне в россии: социальная демография и идентичность. Диаспоры. 2010: 216-240.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-2101