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Nothing New In Europe? Israelis Look at Antisemitism Today


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oday, more than 75 years after the Holocaust and World War II, antisemitism remains a poisonous force in European culture and politics, whether cloaked in the garb of reactionary nationalism or manifested in outright physical violence. Nothing New in Europe? provides a sobering look at the persistence of European antisemitism today through fifteen interviews with Jewish Israelis living in Germany, Poland, France, and other countries, supplemented with in-depth scholarly essay. The interviewees draw upon their lived experiences to reflect on anti-Jewish rhetoric, the role of Israel, and the relationship between antisemitism and the persecution of other minorities.


Anita Haviv-Horiner

Chapter 1. The Uses of the Report on Antisemitism and the Development of Antisemitism in Germany
Samuel Salzborn

Chapter 2. Antisemitism in Europe – Then and Now
Moshe Zimmermann

Structured Biographical Interviews

Chapter 3. Ronny Hollaender
Chapter 4. Dafna Berger
Chapter 5. Guy Band
Chapter 6. Sonja K.
Chapter 7. Shimrit Sutter-Schreiber
Chapter 8. Ofer Moghadam
Chapter 9. Raphael Shklarek
Chapter 10. Arthur Karpeles
Chapter 11. Tirza Lemberger
Chapter 12. Etgar Keret
Chapter 13. Miri Freilich
Chapter 14. Stephanie Courouble Share
Chapter 15. Daniel Shek
Chapter 16. Bernadett Alpern
Chapter 17. Lydia Aisenberg

Epilogue: Antisemites are the Others: On Recent Difficulties of Surveying the Problem of Antisemitism in Europe
Gisela Dachs



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Haviv-Horiner, Anita Nothing New In Europe? Israelis Look at Antisemitism Today. Berghahn Books. 2021:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-2062