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Глобальная Демография Постсоветской Еврейской Диаспоры

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The Global Demography of the Post-Soviet Jewish Diaspora


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This article is a study of the population dynamics of the post-Soviet Jewish diaspora based on the various statistical sources collected from the many countries where these Jews live. It examines (post-) Soviet Jewish resettlement, and analyzes the annual volume of migration streams to the three main destinations - Israel, the USA and Germany. The findings clearly show the decisive role of the push factor in this migration movement. A very large differentiation in age structure of the migrants to their three main destinations was found which points to many sizable discrepancies in adaptation processes in these receiving countries, and different prospects for future development of these segments of the contemporary post-Soviet Jewish diaspora. Out-migration from Israel of FSU immigrants was studied based on official Israeli data and statistics of FSU countries. According to our findings based on recent data, emigration from Israel is largely dependent on the dynamics of the country's business cycle. Finally, an update for 2010 of the number of «core» Jews (by self-identification) originating from the FSU was presented by country, and the total number of people belonging to the post-Soviet Jewish diaspora worldwide and their distribution was estimated.



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