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Informal Provision for Young People in the UK Jewish Community


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From the Introduction:

What do we want the future to look like? How can Youth Provision in the UK Jewish Community best develop to engage Jewish young people in a Jewish journey? 

These questions are at the heart of this Commission, set up in April 2013 as a partnership between the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and UJIA. We identified three particular areas in which Commissioners shared a broad consensus of interest:

CONTINUITY – ensuring that the next generation are interested in living a Jewish life (in as much variety as that might mean)
COMMUNITY – exploring the ways in which young people engage with the Jewish community
ISRAEL – the relevance of Israel in a young person’s life.
Our research aimed to:
a) Map the current Jewish informal provision for young people in the UK
b) Identify and reflect on existing strategy, policy and provision
c) Assess how that provision has changed in the past generation

The data collection and analysis took place between May and August 2013. This publication reports on the work undertaken to address these goals, and reports on the analysis of the answers we received. The report addresses the issues and themes that emerged, both through data collection and through discussion by Commissioners at our regular meetings



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Informal Provision for Young People in the UK Jewish Community

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