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Volunteering Survey Limmud Conference December 2015

Publication Date

February 2016



This survey was conducted to help Limmud refine its volunteer recruitment and volunteer management processes and by JVN as input for benchmarking, to promote best practice amongst volunteer-involving organisations, and ultimately to encourage more people to volunteer.

It was conducted at Limmud Conference in December 2015. Limmud participants were interviewed by JVN volunteers at the Conference with extra responses collected from Limmud participants online in January. 139 respondents took part in the survey, with a good representation across age groups, gender, employment status, location and volunteering experience (both general and with Limmud).

The results identify scope for improvement in volunteer recruitment and volunteer support by Limmud. It recommends a set of actions that could be taken by Limmud to help with this.



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Volunteering Survey Limmud Conference December 2015. Jewish Volunteering Network. February 2016:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-uk473