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Sex and Relationships Education in Jewish Schools


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JAT has been protecting the health and well-being of young Jewish people for nearly 20 
years. We aim to shape our programmes and activities to meet their needs and those 
of their parents and their schools. 
The shocking absence of information about the state of sex and relationship education 
in Jewish schools, has hampered effective programme development. It was to fill this 
gap that JAT, together with National Children’s Bureau, commissioned this, the most 
comprehensive ever research into Sex and Relationships Education in Jewish schools. 
The research brings home three stark and urgent messages: 
• Children and young people in Jewish schools and their parents are 
demanding fact-based education and information about sexual health. 
• Some Jewish schools aim to deliver effective sex and relationships 
education but they (and parents and pupils) recognise they are failing. 
• Despite goodwill and good intentions, the health of children and young 
people in Jewish schools is being put at serious, preventable risk through 
the absence of effective sex and relationships education.



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Sex and Relationships Education in Jewish Schools

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