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Perceptions of Anti‐Semitism among Turkish Jews


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t is commonly believed that there is little or no anti‐Semitism in Turkey. For this reason, the Turkish Jewish community is considered to be fortunate. The 1942 Capital Tax, the September 6–7 Events in 1955, and even the Thrace Incidents of 1934, in which the Jews were the main targets of violence, are considered to be examples of discrimination against all non‐Muslim minorities in Turkey. This study investigates the validity of this optimistic view with the help of empirical research conducted on a sample group of Turkish Jews. More precisely, it deals with the question of how Jews living in Turkey perceive anti‐Semitism with a perspective that prioritizes the voices of the Jews themselves and gives an account of their experience regarding their status as a religious minority in a Muslim majority society. This paper discusses the results of the research based on in‐depth interviews with Jewish respondents and reflects on the nature, sources, and extent of anti‐Semitism in contemporary Turkey in the eyes of Turkey’s Jews themselves.



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Perceptions of Anti‐Semitism among Turkish Jew

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