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Jewish heritage tourism in Bucharest: reality and visions


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Heritage tourism linked with past or current cultural diversity and ethnic minorities has become a significant part of the tourism industry. This paper contributes to the discussion about heritage management related to niche tourism development and minority group participation. The specific theme of Jewish heritage tourism is analysed, particularly through the case of the present Jewish community of Bucharest. Empirical results are presented and discussed in order to understand how this community and the local tourist sector perceive the tourist potential of its heritage, and envisions its development. A reflection on the discourse behind the current and possible future management of Jewish legacy can thus contribute to a better understanding of the complexity of niche heritage tourism processes in former or present multi‐ethnic sites.183(3)



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Link to article (paywalled), Jewish heritage tourism in Bucharest: reality and visions

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Corsale, Andrea Jewish heritage tourism in Bucharest: reality and visions. The Geographical Journal. 2017: 261-271.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/10.1111/geoj.12211