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Cultural Aid and Jewish Identity in Post-Communist Hungary


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This paper is based on current research which is concerned with the revival of religious and ethnic identity among Jews in Hungary after the collapse of communism. Several non-governmental institutions, groups and individuals from various countries, but especially Israel, the UK and the USA, are involved in the revitalization and transformation of Jewish life in the areas of education, ethnicity, religion and social welfare. I examine the complex relationship between emigre donors, often from an Hungarian background, and local Hungarian Jews, to show how cultural aid is accepted, transformed and sometimes resisted. Such aid is not uni-directional from donor to recipient. Rather, it may require the donors to modify their goals; to realize that their assessment of Hungarian needs may be based on anachronistic attitudes. The impact of the recipients on the donors is such that reciprocal change occurs between the two parties.



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Cultural Aid and Jewish Identity in Post-Communist Hungary

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Mars, Leonard Cultural Aid and Jewish Identity in Post-Communist Hungary. Journal of Contemporary Religion. 2000: 85-96.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-hun24