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Иудаизм в современной России: основные структуры и направления

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Judaism in Russia: Past and Present


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This report contains a short description of Judaism as a theological, ethical and juridical system, as well as main stages of its history, of modern trends in its development, particularly, of
its traditional and reformist segments. A considerable attention is devoted to Khasidic branch
of Judaism, namely to the Khabad-Lubavich movement, because it plays an important and
ambivalent role in the Judaic communities of the post-Soviet Russia. The report demonstrates
activities of main all-Russian Judaist organizations, and analyzed their mutual relations. It is
noticed, that really religious, or, at least, practicing Jews, represent only a minor fraction in
the contemporary Russian Jewry, while the predominant part of it is composed of practically
religiously indifferent people.



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PDF, Иудаизм в современной России: основные структуры и направления

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Козлов, Семен Яковлевич Иудаизм в современной России: основные структуры и направления. Институт этнологии и антропологии Российской академии наук. 2000:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-828