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Norwegian Antisemitism after 1945: Current Knowledge


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How did the Second World War and the trauma of the German occupation affect the extent and nature of Norwegian antisemitism after 1945? This article provides an overview of research dealing with postwar and contemporary antisemitism in Norway. Furthermore, it seeks to suggest some directions for further research. One priority, it argues, should be to analyse the development of Norwegian postwar antisemitism on a broad historical basis. Postwar antisemitism has gone through different stages since 1945. Which elements of antisemitism survived the experience of the Holocaust, which have been weakened, and which have faded away? Another important dimension for further research is the scope and development of Norwegian everyday antisemitism, as a discourse and as a form of practice. How has antisemitism been expressed outside of the public sphere, and how has this affected the Jewish minority in Norway?




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Simonsen, Kjetil Braut Norwegian Antisemitism after 1945: Current Knowledge. Antisemitism in the North: History and State of Research. De Gruyter. 2019: 173-190.  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/10.1515/9783110634822-011
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