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British Jews, sport and antisemitism


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This paper examines the nature and extent of antisemitism in community sporting environments in one British city. Drawing on interviews (n = 20) and focus groups (n = 2), we explore with participants their Anglo-Jewish identity in sports-related activities and settings. So as not to inflate the salience of antisemitism, we approach the issue obliquely through questions relating to their engagement in sport and identity. We consider the stereotype of the non-sporting Jew and find it is without foundation. Participants described limited but significant instances of antisemitism in sport and a decline in terms of the frequency and severity of antisemitic abuse encountered. We discuss the different responses of our participants when they encountered antisemitism and how sporting organisations were seemingly unaware of the Shabbat and the main Jewish holidays. Participants called for better education and awareness raising on what constituted antisemitic abuse.



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Dart, Jon, Long, Jonathan British Jews, sport and antisemitism. European Journal for Sport and Society. 2020:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/10.1080/16138171.2020.1859782