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Gen17 Australian Jewish Community Survey


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The Gen17 Jewish Community Survey was a nationwide study designed to gather detailed information
about Australia’s Jewish community. This report provides insight into selected key
findings that have emerged from a preliminary data analysis. It has been designed to demonstrate the
potential breadth and value of Gen17 data to the many organisations and Jewish service providers
operating in the community. The present analysis barely scratches the surface of the information that is
potentially available from this survey and more in‐depth, topic‐based reports are planned for the near

Gen17 covers a wide variety of topics aimed at delivering information about all major aspects of the
Jewish Australian experience. For a population with a significant migrant component, it explores
migratory histories, languages and experiences. For a community committed to furthering Jewish life it
covers Jewish schooling, Jewish education, Jewish student experience, Jewish identity, Jewish
partnerships as well as aspects of Jewish communal life from fundraising to volunteering. For a caring
community it investigates child care, health and welfare, socioeconomics and poverty. And for a
politically engaged community it provides data on attitudes towards and engagement with Israel,
experience of antisemitism, the Holocaust, as well as data about life in Australia more generally.



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Link to article including link to pdf, Gen17 Australian Jewish Community Survey

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Graham, David, Markus, Andrew Gen17 Australian Jewish Community Survey. Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Jewish Communal Appeal (JCA). 2018:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-1296