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Olaf Glöckner

Olaf Glöckner is a researcher at the Moses Mendelssohn Centre for European-Jewish Studies in Potsdam (MMZ). He is also Lecturer at the Historical Institute and at the Department of Jewish Studies at Potsdam University. At the MMZ, he works as the Head of the Department “Sociology of Judaism”.

Olaf Glöckner did his PhD thesis on “Immigrated Russian Jewish Elites in Israel and Germany. Their Integration, Self-Image and Role in Community Building” (1990-2010). Currently, his research focuses mainly on transnational Jewish migration, German-Israeli relations, modern antisemitism and strategies of prevention, genocide studies and European-Jewish developments after 1989/90.

Olaf Glöckner has worked as one of the principal investigators within the research project “Jews and Jewish Education in Germany Today” (2008-2011), funded by the L.A. Pincus Fund. He also participated in research projects on “Discrimination and Hate Crime against Jews in selected EU member States” (2012/2013 and 2017/18), promoted by the Fundamental Rights Agency (EU).
Olaf Glöckner

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