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Obtaining and Enjoying a Voluntary Position: The Report


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January 2014



The Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) is a national charity connecting people
across the community. The organisation works across the voluntary, public and
private sectors to raise the profile of volunteering within the Jewish community.
Volunteers can use the website to find suitable opportunities and there is a telephone
helpline offering a bespoke matching service for specific projects.
Prior to making some changes to its website, JVN decided to undertake a survey to
understand more about the volunteers registered with the organisation. The key
requirements were:
- To understand the sources used to find out about volunteering opportunities
- To learn about the volunteering experience of registered users
- To explore how volunteers feel about volunteering and the ways in which they
help the organisation for which they volunteer
- To determine whether JVN could do more to help and support volunteers in
their search for a post and/or once they are working as volunteers
- To examine satisfaction with the existing web site and identify how it could
best be improved to benefit users.
Carol Goldstone Associates (CGA), an independent market research company, was
asked to undertake the survey and this document reports the findings of the study.



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Obtaining and Enjoying a Voluntary Position: The Report

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