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Национальное самосознание российских евреев. Материалы социологического исследования 1997—1998 гг

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Ethnic Consciousness of the Russian Jews. Results of Sociological Survey Conducted in 1997—1998


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Предлагаемая статья начинает серию публикаций, в основу
которых легли материалы этносоциологического исследования,
проведенного в трех городах России в 1997–1998 гг. и посвященного разнообразным аспектам формирования национальной идентичности российских евреев. Редакция журнла выражает благодарность авторам проекта за предоставленную возможность стать первым российским научным изданием, знакомящим читателей с результатами этой работы.

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A comparison of two ethno-sociological surveys (1992–1993 and 1997–1998)
points to the process of the intensive erosion of Jewish ethnicity. The majority of
respondents define their ethnic consciousness in dualistic terms — as both Jewish
and Russian and the specific weight of this category is rising. This kind of dualism
manifests itself in the fact that the most common type of self-definition is «Russian
Jewish» or «Russian citizen» and not just «Jewish».
Judaism and related religious values do not play a significant role in the formation of ethnic identity for the majority of Russian Jews. The core components of theiridentity are rooted in historic memories, feelings of ethnic dignity and ethnic consolidation, together with exploration of national cultural heritage. The proportion of truly religious Jews, people who mostly conform to Judaic religious practices is minuscule.
The proportion of mixed marriages and marriages with persons of partially Jewish background is rising. At the same time, the share of those who regards a monoethnic marriage as not obligatory or is tolerant towards a mixed marriage of his/her offspring is also on the rise. These facts point to the preservation or, possibly, even strengthening of the assimilationist tendencies among part of Jewish youth in the future.

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