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World Jewish Population 1991


Sergio DellaPergola
Uziel O. Schmelz

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American Jewish Year Book

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American Jewish Committee (AJC)


This article presents updates, as of the end of 1991, on the Jewish population estimates for various countries around the world. The country figures for 1991 were updated from those for 1990 in accordance with the known or estimated changes in the interval events, identification changes, and migrations. During the year 1991, national censuses were carried out in Canada and Australia and Jewish sociodemographic surveys were completed in South Africa and in Mexico. Two important data collection projects have already yielded results on major Jewish populations: the official population census of the Soviet Union held in 1989, and the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS) in the United States. The respective results basically confirm the estimates reported in previous American Jewish Year Book volumes and our interpretation of the trends now prevailing in the demography of world Jewry.

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