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AJCOP and the Role of the Jewish Communal Professional


Max L. Kleinman

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Journal of Jewish Communal Service

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Jewish Communal Service Association of North America (JCSA)


The Association of Jewish Community Organization Personnel enhances the professional status of federation and other community organization professionals by disseminating information about job opportunities, advocating for advancement for women professionals, developing a Code of Ethics, providing counseling for those having difficulties in their workplace, and urging the improvement of benefits. Today, when Jewish continuity is an important part of federations' missions, a partnership among CJF, local federations, and AJCOP and the JCSA should be created to develop a common set of practice standards and continuing education curricula to enable professionals to best fulfill their responsibilities. In Journal of Jewish Communal Service, v.72 no.1-2, Fall/Winter 1995/1996.

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AJCOP and the Role of the Jewish Communal Professional. 1995:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-bjpa1778
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