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Jewish Communal Service Training Programs and the Federation System


Gerald B. Bubis
Bernard M. Reisman

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Journal of Jewish Communal Service

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Jewish Communal Service Association of North America (JCSA)


The dramatic growth of schools of Jewish communal service over the past twenty-five years reflects the community leadership's affirmation of the Jewishness of Jewish communal agencies and the recognition of the need to provide specialized training to Jewish communal professionals. With the increased importance placed on Jewish continuity, these schools should assume an even more prominent role in educating Jewish professionals. If the resources of these schools are to be maintained, the federation system in conjunction with Jewish federations must assume some financial responsibility for them. In Journal of Jewish Communal Service, v.72 no.1-2, Fall/Winter 1995/1996.

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North America

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Jewish Communal Service Training Programs and the Federation System. 1995:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-bjpa1776
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