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Monitor antisemitische incidenten 2021

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Monitor of antisemitic incidents 2021

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CIDI registreerde in 2021 in totaal 183 antisemitische incidenten, dat is een stijging van 36% ten opzichte van 2020 en nog iets hoger dan de vorige piek in 2019.

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CIDI recorded a total of 183 antisemitic incidents in 2021, the highest number of incidents ever registered by CIDI in
a calendar year. This is a substantial increase of 36% compared to 2020 (135 incidents) and practically the same
number as in 2019, when a previous all-time peak of 182 antisemitic incidents was recorded.



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CIDI is the address to report any case of Antisemitism in the Netherlands.Contact CIDI by phone of email if you have experienced any case of antisemitisme in the Netherlands. We will discuss the issue with you and advise about possible (and desirable) next steps to be taken. CIDI: http://www.cidi.nl/


PDF, Monitor of antisemitic incidents in the Netherlands 2021 (English summary)
Organisation homepage, Centrum Informatie en Documentatie Israel (CIDI)
Link to article including link to pdf, Monitor antisemitische incidenten 2021

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Monitor antisemitische incidenten 2021. CIDI – Centrum Informatie en Documentatie Israel. 2022:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-2676