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Еврейская Молодёжь России: Жизненный Стиль

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Lifestyles of Jewish Youth in Russia


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The article examines the problems of identity and lifestyle of contemporary Jewish youth in Russia. The fieldwork within the bounds of Jewish youth communities reveals respondents' marked Jewish identities in spite of the lack of Jewish traditions in their families. Such key issues as Jewish projects and Jewish social activities participation, along with trips to Israel, especially within the framework of the program «Birthright Israel», have made an impact on Jewish identity of young people. Jewish young people take an interest in projects which let them get knowledge connected with their education or career. They also like unusual projects. Traditionally they attend Jewish holidays and Shabbat celebrations. People who fulfilled the questionnaire polls have their identity formed by projects informing about Jewish history, culture and traditions. Alongside with this, young people prefer to learn more about their profession, they increase their standard of culture or find entertainment opportunities, and these activities are not related to the Jewish subject area. Jewish youth communities are based not only on the Jewish identity of their members. Jewish young people have common interests and hobbies. Their shared lifestyle lets them be together in their communities.



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