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World Jewish Population, 1990


Sergio DellaPergola
Uziel O. Schmelz

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American Jewish Year Book

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American Jewish Committee (AJC)


This article presents updates, as of the end of 1990, on the population of world Jewry. The population estimates given here reflect a prolonged and ongoing effort to study scientifically the demography of contemporary world Jewry. Data collection and comparative research have benefited from the collaboration of scholars and institutions in many countries, including replies to direct inquiries regarding current estimates. During the year 1990, data collection projects relevant to Jewish population estimates were in planning or already underway in several countries. Some of this ongoing research is part of a coordinated effort to update the sociodemographic profile of world Jewry that was undertaken at the outset of the 1990s.

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World Jewish Population, 1990. 1992:  https://archive.jpr.org.uk/object-bjpa1936
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