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In the above boxes, you can either search all EJRA fields in the 'General Search' box, or use one or a combination of specified fields in the other boxes.

In all boxes without predefined options, you may use the operators "AND", "OR", and "NOT" as well as double-quotes to include or exclude results as needed. For example, specifying "Jewish identity" OR Russia AND NOT France in the "Title" field will include all items that include the exact phrase "Jewish identity" or the term "Russia", and do not include the term "France", in the title.

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Collections policy

The European Jewish Research Archive includes records of reports, journal articles, books and other materials that draw on research on post-1990 Jewish life in Europe. It contains items written in many European languages (as well as some in Hebrew), accompanied by translations into English of key information where possible. A freely downloadable pdf for each item is included in the archive whenever possible.

Berman Jewish Policy Archive

EJRA works in close collaboration with the Berman Jewish Policy Archive, a US-based online repository of research on contemporary Jewish communities and communal policy. Users of EJRA can, if they wish, search both archives from the search page by ticking the relevant box on the search form.

Antisemitism collection policy

EJRA's holdings on antisemitism concentrate on research that focuses on Jewish experiences of antisemitism. We therefore do not actively seek to collect research that looks mainly at the perpetrators of antisemitism.  

Jewish Journal of Sociology 

EJRA has obtained the entire scanned archive of the Jewish Journal of Sociology (1959-2015) - a resource available nowhere else. The collection can be accessed by typing "Jewish Journal of Sociology" into the General Search box.