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Date: 2015
Abstract: Commemorating the seventy-year anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary, this book focuses on current practices in teaching the Holocaust. In June 2014, at a conference co-organised by the Tom Lantos Institute, a group of professors, scholars, museum directors, and activists involved in memorial projects met at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss the future of Holocaust Studies. This subsequent book publication considers the potential of Holocaust memorialization and memory work to serve as a catalyst for addressing discrimination today by exploring different innovative teaching practices in higher education as well as bold and creative civic and institutional initiatives. The authors who contributed to this book project come from across Europe and North America and their work showcases new directions in Holocaust education and commemoration. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTIONS Anna-Mária Bíró Introduction 6 John Shattuck Introduction 7 Andrea Pető and Helga Thorson Introduction: The Future of Holocaust Memorialization 8 PART 1 Institutional Perspectives and Challenges 11 Paul Shapiro Facing the Facts of the Holocaust: The Challenges and the Cost of Failure 12 Karen Jungblut The Future of Holocaust Memorialization: Institutional Perspectives and Challenges 16 Holocaust Discourses Now 21 Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke Teaching the Holocaust as Part of Local History: The Case of Denmark 22 Klas-Göran Karlsson Holocaust History and Historical Learning 29 John C. Swanson Returning to History: Memory and Holocaust Education 35 PART 2 Benefits and Challenges of Digital Resources 41 Helga Dorner, Edit Jeges, and Andrea Pető New Ways of Seeing: Digital Testimonies, Reflective Inquiry, and Video Pedagogy in a Graduate Seminar 42 Elizabeth Anthony The Digital Transformation of the International Tracing Service Digital Collection 46 Working against Prejudice and Hate 53 Ildikó Barna Introducing a New Subject in a Challenging Environment among Students of Military Sciences, Public Administration, and Law Enforcement in Hungary: A Case Study 54 Heike Radvan Facing Current Anti-Semitism, Racism, and Neo-Nazism: Talking about the Holocaust in Local Initiatives in East Germany 60 Charlotte Schallié The Case of Feincost Adam©: Confronting Antisemitism through Creative Memory Work 65 Rethinking Pedagogical Practices Annamaria Orla-Bukowska Remembering Righteousness: Transnational Touchstones in the International Classroom 72 Helga Thorson and Andrea van Noord Stories from the Past, Creative Representations of the Future: Inter-Cultural Exchange, the Possibility of Inter-Generational Communication, and the Future of Holocaust Studies 80 Local Initiatives in Commemorating the Holocaust Barbara Kintaert Shedding Light on the Past: Digging for Information and Grassroots Memorialization 88 Borbála Klacsmann Memory Walk: History through Monuments 100 Gabor Kalman Filming the Past for the Present 105 About the Authors 1