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Date: 2009
Abstract: TABLE OF CONTENTS 7 Jacek Purchla, "A world after a Catastrophe" - in search of lost memory Witnesses in the space of memory 13 Miriam Akavia, A world before a Catastrophe. My Krakow family between the wars 21 Leopold Unger, From the "last hope" to the "last exodus" 29 Yevsei Handel, Minsk: non-revitalisation ofJewish districts and possible reasons 43 Janusz Makuch, The Jewish Culture Festival: between two worlds Jewish heritage - dilemmas of regained memory 53 Michal Firestone, The conservation ofJewish cultural heritage as a tool for the investigation of identity 63 Ruth Ellen Gruber, Beyond virtually Jewish... balancing the real, the surreal and real imaginary places 81 Sandra Lustig, Alternatives to "Jewish Disneyland." Some approaches to Jewish history in European cities and towns 99 Magdalena Waligorska, Spotlight on the unseen: the rediscovery of little Jerusalems 117 Agnieszka Sabor, In search of identity Jewish heritage in Central European metropolises 123 Andreas Wilke, The Spandauer Vorstadt in Berlin.15 years of urban regeneration 139 Martha Keil, A clash of times. Jewish sites in Vienna (Judenplatz, Seitenstettengasse, Tempelgasse) 163 Krisztina Keresztely, Wasting memories -gentrification vs. urban values in the Jewish neighbourhood ofBudapest 181 Arno Pah'k, The struggle to protect the monuments of Prague's Jewish Town 215 Jaroslav Klenovsky, Jewish Brno 247 Sarunas Lields, The revitalisation of Jewish heritage in Vilnius Approaches of Polish towns and cities to the problems of revitalising Jewish cultural heritage 263 Bogustaw Szmygin, Can a world which has ceased to exist be protected? The Jewish district in Lublin 287 Eleonora Bergman, The "Northern District" in Warsaw:a city within a city? 301 Jacek Wesoiowski, The Jewish heritage in the urban space of todz - a question ofpresence 325 Agnieszka Zabtocka-Kos, In search of new ideas. Wroclaw's "Jewish district" - yesterday and today 343 Adam Bartosz, This was the Tarnow shtetl 363 Monika Murzyn-Kupisz, Reclaiming memory or mass consumption? Dilemmas in rediscovering Jewish heritage ofKrakow's Kazimierz