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Editor(s): Shainkman, Mikael
Date: 2018
Abstract: This book illustrates the two clear trends in antisemitism today: “old” antisemitism, based in religious and racist prejudices, which has largely disappeared from public discourse in the West after the defeat of Nazi Germany, but has resurfaced in the last quarter-century in the face of right wing frustration of weakening nation states in a globalized world; and “new” antisemitism, or the antisemitic narrativization of Israel, which is most commonly found on the Left, in the Muslim world, and in the post-colonial discourse. This collection of essays analyzes both old and new antisemitisms, in order to understand their place in the world of today and tomorrow. It is written by experts in the field of antisemitism working for, or connected with, the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University. Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction: The Continuity and Change of Antisemitism Mikael Shainkman Different Antisemitisms: On Three Distinct Forms of Antisemitism in Contemporary Europe, with a Special Focus on Sweden Lars Dencik and Karl Marosi Holocaust Memory and Holocaust Revisionism in Poland and Moldova: A Comparison Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska Honoring the Collaborators: The Ukrainian Case Irena Cantorovich The Rise of the Radical Right in Europe and the Jews Michael Whine The Worrisome Defiance of the Golden Dawn Michal Navoth The Struggle over the International Working Definition of Antisemitism Dina Porat Discrimination against Muslims and Antisemitic Views among Young Muslims in Europe Günther Jikeli Debates on Islamized Antisemitism in Austria in the Wake of the Israel-Gaza Conflict, 2014 Julia Edthofer Antisemitism and the Struggle for the “Good” Society: Ambivalent Responses to Antisemitic Attitudes and Ideas in the 2014 Swedish Electoral Race Kristin Wagrell Mohamed Omar and the Selective Detection of Non-Nazi Antisemitism Mathan Ravid After the Charlie Hebdo Attack: The Line between Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech Andre Oboler Online Antisemitic Propaganda and Negationism in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Ahmadinejad and His Enduring Legacy Liora Hendelman-Baavur The Nisman Case: Its Impact on the Jewish Community and on National Politics in Argentina Adrian Gruszniewski and Lidia Lerner Venezuela’s 2012 Presidential Elections: Introducing Antisemitism into Venezuelan Political Discourse Lidia Lerner