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The field of research of contemporary European Jewish populations is constantly in flux. New studies are constantly being produced and published across Europe. Research in the field is shaped by the changing circumstances Jews find themselves in and the changing ways that Jews respond to them. More broadly, as the 'state of the art' in social research methodology develops over time, and the social sciences are informed by new perspectives and theories, so research on European Jewish populations will reflect these developments.

As a long-term project that seeks to include all relevant studies on European Jewish populations, the European Jewish Research Archive encompasses the field as it evolves. In this collection, we suggest recently-added items that represent new developments in the field and that those interested in the field should take note of.

The items highlighted here are selected on a number of criteria: Some offer new empirical data that sheds light on emerging issues or offers a new perspective on enduring issues. Some offer novel methodological approaches that suggest new possibilities in social research on European Jewish populations. Some are selected simply because of their excellence and their ability to inspire.

This collection will be constantly updated to reflect the development of EJRA's collection.
Must Reads

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