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Collection 4: Jewish education in Europe

Jewish education has always been a central priority for Jewish communities, and contemporary European Jewry is no exception to this. Europe-wide, Jewish education takes place in kindergartens, schools, institutes of higher education, chedarim, supplementary schools, youth groups and summer camps; as well as in more informal settings.

One of the most striking aspects in looking at Jewish education in Europe since 1990, is its rapid expansion in many countries. In countries such as the UK and France, with long-established Jewish educational systems, the building of new schools and the increased enrolment of Jewish pupils, has accelerated. In countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic, where Jewish life has been rebuilt after the fall of communism, Jewish educational institutions have also been built or re-established, sometimes with the help of global Jewish funders such as the Lauder Foundation and the Jewish Agency.

Compared to the US and Israel, research on Jewish education in Europe is limited in most countries. Nonetheless, we have managed to collate a variety of research reports and papers that, taken collectively, illuminate many of the achievements and challenges faced by Jewish education in Europe. This is an area of Jewish activity where research and strategic planning often follow, rather than lead, activity. However, it is clear from the items in this collection, that research is fast ‘catching up’ with the situation on the ground.
Collection 4: Jewish education in Europe

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